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What is Skype For Business?

What is Skype for business or Microsoft Lync?

Skype for Business, formerly known as Microsoft Lync Server, is a unified communications (UC) platform that integrates common channels of business communication and online meetings, including instant messaging (IM), presence, voice over IP (VoIP), voicemail, file transfers, video conferencing, web conferencing and email.


Skype for Business features:

Skype for Business can be deployed on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid service. Clients can run on Windows operating systems, Android phones and tablets and Apple iOS devices. The Skype for Business client can also be configured in a Lync Server 2013 environment. The platform is sometimes referred to as S4B, SFB, SfB and Skype4B.

t can be licensed as a stand-alone product or as part of the Office 365 application suite. It is available as an on-premises server, known as Skype for Business Server, or a cloud-based service, known as Skype for Business Online.

Microsoft Teams is cloud-based collaboration software that has similar capabilities to Skype for Business. While both Microsoft products are part of Office 365 and feature messaging, presence, and voice and video communications, Skype for Business has additional features including PSTN calling and conferencing.


Skype For Business (SFB) Services:


  • Instant messaging
  • Audio & Video communication
  • Application sharing & white board
  • File transfer
  • Desktop sharing
  • Poling
  • Web based client
  • Recording
  • Monitoring
  • Archiving
  • Mobility
  • Microsoft services integration and sharing
  • Lync.voip


Instant messaging

With SFB's IM service, you can chat with your co-workers and manage your group projects in group chats with your colleges.


Audio & Video communications

You can have audio calls as well as video calls with anyone in your organization that you want, they can be on their phone or their computer, it doesn't matter, you can call them. you can also do video and audio conferences


Application sharing & white board

You can simulate a class room for people who want to learn things from you. it can also be helpful for explaining business plans or anything else to your colleges.


File transfer


Sharing files had never been easier, now you can easily send and receive files from your co-worker or even share something in a group chat.


Desktop Sharing

Share your desktop with co-workers, or on a group chat.


Poling System

Setup a pool, let other's vote, know their opinion. setting up a pool is just a few clicks ahead of you.


Web based client

Don't have SFB's client application? no worries. you can always use the web interface.



You can record your calls and conferences without any trouble.



In Skype For Business you can monitor your server's network activity and your client's call activities



Your server is able to archive the monitorated data so you can access them anytime.



since the SFB client is available for both android and iOS, you can use your mobile phone or tablet for voice and video calling


Microsoft services integration and sharing


Show your presentation on the SFB network. It's much easier and more fun!


قابلیت Lync.VoIP

One of the coolest things that Skype For Business can do, is to connect to other voice services, such as Cisco CUCM, CME, Asterisk and many other services. This will allow you to make phone calls from your land line, SIP trunk number, or any other type of phone service that you have.



Other Enterprise Voice Services:

  • Call PSTN numbers and other numbers that are reachable by your PBX
  • Voice mail, IM, and other services trough your PBX
  • IVR or Interactive voice response for incoming calls
  • Call Holding, Parking, Queue and other similar services
  • Connecting your mailbox with voicemail and vice versa.


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