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Wireless Phone Without Wi-Fi

Using the DECT Phone technology, You can have wireless phones on your VoIP Network without Wi-Fi, All functions will be available to you and you can use your phone without having to worry about Wi-Fi getting disconnected

Normal DECT Bases support upto 5 Wireless DECT Phones

Comparing DECT to normal Wireless (Wi-FI) Phones

Normal wireless phones use Wi-Fi technology to communicate with their base or the local area network itself, but DECT phones have a technology that is similar to GSM, They have wider coverage, better quality and no voice drops


Stronger hardware, Greater Scalability

You may even use better DECT bases to be able to have more phones on a DECT base


Better Quality

Using codecs like AMR and Opus, you'll gonna have better call Quality and less network usage, so your phone calls will never be interrupted

Less space required

These DECTs require less space, They can be powered using POE and can also be installed on wall or roof


DECT Phones usability

You can use these phones while walking or anywhere in your company/office. also they can be used with more then one DECT for improving coverage

DECT Coverage

Using DECT Repeaters you can improve your network coverage as much as you want, no matter how big your work area would be